Use of “Didache” (MH online catalogue system)

A good place to start with your searching is MH online library system (Didache).  This system is a one-stop searching system that allows users to search for books, e-books, and journal articles available in the library or online at the same time. 

Searching Overview 
The four main ways to search using Didache are:

  • MH Library Collections + E-Resources
    Searches include electronic content, print, audio-visual items subscribed for and held by the Ming Hua Library and more, such as open-access electronic resources.
  • MH Library Collections
    Searches only include Library resources contained in the Library catalogue.
  • E-Resources
    Searches for Ming Hua Library’s subscribed e-journal articles, e-books and other open access electronic resources.
  • Course Reserves
    Searches can be by course title or instructor name of MHTC programs.

The default search of Didache is a simple keyword search. Also, you can use advanced search or browse search to search for these resources.

Databases differ and each database may be equipped with different functions, but basically searches by Keyword, Title, Author and Subject are available.

Use Keyword

  • Will get the most results.
  • Good for seeking relevant records and resources.
  • Good to use when you want to broaden your topic.
  • Particularly useful when readers don’t exactly have complete information regarding the topic or author, and when the topic involves more than one concept.
  • BUT you should search by title and author when you  know the exact resources you would like to get.

Advanced Search

  • More targeted search by using different indexes (author, title, subject etc).
  • Allows limitation in material type, date range, languages.
  • Allows Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT).
  • AND (results will include both the indexes; narrow the results)
    e.g. Hong Kong AND Macau.
  • OR (results that include either of the index; broadens the results )
    e.g. military OR soldier OR army.
  • NOT results that do not include a certain keyword
    e.g. Hong Kong NOT Macau.